Site Specific Installations

I have created major large-scale installations in a range of sites and cities from an abandoned theatre in Montreal to a ferry terminal in Manhattan. Most of this work was effected in collaboration with Lyne Lapointe, with whom I lived and worked from 1981 to 1995. Each of our research-intensive site projects was created for carefully chosen, charged architectures and addressed a different intersectional nexus in a conceptual gesamkunstwerk. Each also required the design and implementation of entirely new and unique networks of institutional, co-production and funding partners, garnering a wide public whilst addressing complex and pressing social issues. These projects form part of the history of self-organised alternative art and urban activism of the 1980s and 1990s. Some can be found below, and most are documented in the book Studiolo (Artextes Editions 1997), which traces their aesthetic and philosophical underpinnings. I carried forward many of the methods and practices developed for these projects into my more recent projects with the Science Museum (London) and the Medical Museion (Copenhagen).