Any Minute Now

A ‘lecture list’ of colloquia and conferences at which I am speaking or participating, presenting research in a range of fields of knowledge in which I have expertise.  Publications, conference proceedings and articles are also gathered here, and I’ve included links to offprints, conference sites, host institutions, and, where possible, podcasts of events.





‘Afterword: What goes around, comes around: mobility’s modernity’

Book chapter in Mobile Museums: Collections in Circulation, Edited by Felix Driver, Mark Nesbitt, and Caroline Cornish. UCL Press, April 2021.  ISBN: 9781787355088


Semantics and Beyond: Modeling and enriching longue-durée biocultural data for answering interdisciplinary and epistemic research questions‘  Round table discussion convened by Martha Fleming (Natural History Museum of Denmark)

Collect & Connect: Archives and Collections in a Digital Age, online conference organised by Making Sense of Illustrated Handwritten Archives, Naturalis Biodiversity Center and University of Twente. November 2020.


”Duplicates, triplicates, multiplicates?  Stock-keeping-units and inventory practices in the scientization of the natural history trade at the Museum Godeffroy in 19th Century Hamburg”

The Issue of Duplicates: Political, Economic, and Epistemological Figurations of Object Collections, closed workshop, Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. November 2020.


‘Manifesto for Collections-Based Research and Teaching’

PERISKOP nr. 23 “Museet som akademisk læringsrum”, September 2020.


‘Floppies, trannies, a CAD, and the blues: unearthing the traces of late 20th century exhibition practice’

Museum Exhibition Design: Histories and Futures, online conference organised by University of Brighton Centre for Design History.  1-11 September 2020.


‘Duplicates, triplicates, multiplicates?  Stock-keeping-units and inventory practices in the scientization of the natural history trade at the Museum Godeffroy in 19th Century Hamburg’

Work-in-progress paper, Humanities of Nature departmental colloquium, Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.  March 2020.  POSTPONED


‘The South Sea in the North Sea: Decolonising Natural History in an Entangled Northern Europe’

Changing Interpretations, Meanings and Concepts of Heritage: Danish-German Friendship ICOM Conference. Museum der Arbeit, Hamburg.  18th – 20th March 2020.  POSTPONED


Panel Commentator

Logistical Natures. trade, traffics, and transformations in natural history collecting, closed workshop organised by the joint research project “Animals as Objects. Zoological Gardens and Natural History Museum in Berlin, 1810−2020” Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. 13-14 February 2020.


“Reconfiguring Collections in Coloniality’s Extractive Anthropocene”

Politics of collecting and knowledge production, Projekt Sammeln erforschenHochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW), Gestaltung und Kultur| Museologie, Museumsmanagement und -kommunikation,  Berlin, 21-22 November 2019.


Theme-setting round table with Ken Arnold, George Loudon and Martha Fleming

Collections, Knowledge and Time Workshop, Medical Museion, University of Copenhagen, 8-9 November 2019.


Embodied ephemeralities: Methodologies and historiographies for investigating the display and spatialization of science and technology in the twentieth century

History of Science (Sage Journal), July 2019.


‘What goes around, comes around: mobility’s modernity’

Discussant: Collections in Circulation: Mobile Museum Project Conference , Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 9-10 May 2019.


‘Collections-Based Research: Tracing Exhibition Histories’

Lecture and Seminar for Methodenwoche: Wissen | Austellen, the VW-Forschungskolleg of the Chair in the Materiality of Knowledge, Department of Art History, University of Göttingen, April 2019.


Digital Humanities in the Memory Institution:  the challenges of encoding Sir Hans Sloane’s catalogues of his collections

by Alexandra Ortolja-Baird (British Museum, UK), Victoria Pickering (British Museum, UK), Julianne Nyhan (UCL, UK), Kim Sloan (British Museum, UK) and Martha Fleming (British Museum, UK).  Open Library of Humanities, June 2019.


‘The Pervasiveness of Photography: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Collecting Photography – Sabine Breitwieser and Martha Fleming in Conversation’

Book Chapter in: 25 Years! Fotomuseum Winterthur: Shared Histories, Shared Stories: Fast Forward, edited by Doris Gassert (Spector Books/Fotomuseum Winterthur, 2018).


‘Objects and Images in Atomism & Animism’

Panel Two: Researching Visual Culture in the Science Museum Group Collections, Science Museum Group Third Research Conference. 14 September 2018.


Chair, Panel Three: Curating Medicine.

Curating the Medical Humanities, Co-convenors Heather Tilley and Fiona Johnstone.  Birkbeck Centre for Medical Humanities.  13 September 2018.


‘Putting Metadata to Work: Modelling Information on Historical Collections of Natural History in Social Justice Contexts’ (with Dr Dominik Hünniger, University of Göttingen)

Politics of Natural History: How to Decolonise the Natural History Museum ConferenceTechnische Universität Berlin/Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.  6-7 September 2018.


‘Enlightenment Architectures: Hans Sloane’s Cataloguing and Collections Management Practices’

Objects and the formation of (disciplinary) knowledge in universities and beyond (18th and 19th centuries),  organised by the Sammeln Erforschen Research Project, Zentrale Kustodie, Universität Göttingen.  28-29 June 2018.


‘The Viewpoint Interview with Martha Fleming’

ViewPoint: Magazine of the British Society for the History of Science.  No 116, June 2018.  Online Version:


Early Modern Collection Catalogues: Open Questions, Digital Approaches, Future Directions

Co-convenor with Enlightenment Architectures Team: closed workshop. British Museum, 15-16 February 2018.


‘Sir Hans Sloane: Collecting in the first era of globalisation: The emergence of intellectual disciplines from material culture and collections management’

Co-Course Leader and Lecturer, Opening the Cabinet of Curiosities V&A Short Course.  8 January to 5 March 2018.


Making Split + Splice: Fragments from the Age of Biomedicine – exhibiting ‘technologies of the self’ at the Medical Museion, Copenhagen

Science Museum Journal Museums Issue, Volume 8, Autumn 2017.


‘Finds Beyond ‘Search’: How to do Research in a Collection’

Obscure Secure Project: Red Studio Enquiry Conversations.  Christchurch Mansion.  23 September 2017.


‘VARI International Action Summit on Collecting Institutions as Centres of Knowledge Production and Research’

Convenor, with support from VARI Team: closed workshop.  V&A Research Institute, Victoria and Albert Museum.  13 September 2017.


‘What kinds of things can we do with these things? Collections-based and material culture approaches for humanities research and creative practice’

Unlocking the Vault: Making the most of scientific collections, Manchester Museum. 26-27 June 2017.


‘Reconstructing Sloane: Catalogues as Information Architectures of the Enlightenment’

Topografien frühneuzeitlicher Sammlungen – historische Konturen und aktuelle Forschungen, Gemeinsames Arbeitsgespräch der Franckeschen Stiftungen und des Leopoldina-Studienzentrums, Halle. 14 June 2017.


‘Projects are Processes: The V&A Research Institute’

People, Places and Things: Inaugural VARI Annual Symposium, Victoria & Albert Museum.  23 March 2017.


‘Allan Fleming and the CN Logo’

Trains and fonts and double arrows: Design and identity for railways.  Organised by Eye Magazine for Type Tuesday at St Bride.  22 November 2016.


‘Interdisciplinarity and Intersectionality: Aesthetics and Activism in Art and Architecture in the 1980s and 1990s’

Networked Art Histories, 1960s to the present day (in Canada and elsewhere)/Réseautage de l’histoire de l’art de l’art, des années soixante à nos jours (au Canada et ailleurs), Jarislowsky Institute for Studies in Canadian Art, Concordia University, Montréal.  20-22 October 2016.


Object Lessons and Nature Tables: Research Collaborations Between Historians of Science and University Museums

Conference Co-Convenor, with Dr Rohan Deb Roy. University Museums and Special Collections, University of Reading. 23 September 2016.


“Collections-based research in the UK now: ideals, innovations, contexts and case studies”

Objektkulturen der Universität – Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Universitätssammlungen 2016, German University Museums Conference, Universität Hamburg. 23 July 2016.


‘Trædesten Og Tankestrømme: Kunstnere Og Det Interdisciplinære’

in Brug Kunsten: Kunstneriske Eksperimenter pa Tværs Af Fag — Kunst / Museer / Gymnasier, ed. Elisabeth Bodin. Humlebæk: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, April 2016.


“From manuscript catalogue to DNA barcode: the relevance of Enlightenment natural history collections in a genomic era”

Wissensort Museum: Traditionen – Positionen – Perspektiven Ringvorlesung Zentrale Kustodie: Georg-August-Universität, Göttingen.  2 February 2016


“Beyond the Body: What Artists and Medical Museologists Can Do Together”

Anatomising the Museum, co-convened by Valand Art Academy, the Centre for Critical Heritage Studies of the University of Gothenburg, and the Medicinhistoriska museet of the Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset, Gothenburg.  26 November 2015.


“Ideas on the Move: Exhibitionary Experiments in Assembling Alternative Futures for Heritage”

Considering Exhibitions: A Symposium on the good exhibition, convened by the Bikuben Foundation as part of the Udstillingprisen Vision programme during Copenhagen Artweek 2015. Biografteatret at the Nationalmuseet, Copenhagen.  23 August 2015.


“Stepping Stones and Thinking Streams: Artists and Interdisciplinarity”

Afrika i nyt lys: Inspirationsdag for undervisere og kunstformidlere, organised by Louisiana Learning.  Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk, Denmark.  9 April 2015.  Louisiana Learning: Brug Kunsten


“Tracing the emergence of disciplines in the creation of catalogues and their re-workings”

Paperwork / Paper-at-work (Panel 257 – Chair, Florence Hsia); American Historical Association Annual Meeting, New York.  5 January 2015.


“Beyond Reception: Evaluating Production and Process in Cultural Life – Ice Hot Nordic Dance Platform”

Nordic Culture Forum 2014: Cultural policy in the Nordic countries and Nordic cultural co-operation, organised by the Nordic Council of Ministers for Culture. Parliament House, Stockholm. Thursday 30 October 2014.


Introductory Talk

Opening Reception of Obscure Secure exhibition (Claudia Böse, Hayley Field and Jacqueline Utley, painters; with Curator Emma Roodhouse) at Wolsey Art Gallery, Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich. 6 September 2014.


‘River Deep, Mountain High: Career Progression Across Heritage Institutions and HEIs, from CDA to ECR to Joint Appointment’

Making Connections: Collaboration in Research and Practice, a national one-day conference at King’s College London, 10 January 2014. Making Connections will be asking, ‘What Happens When Cultural Institutions and Academics Collaborate?’ and is being organised by five CDA students based at IWM London. The conference is funded through the AHRC Collaborative Skills Development Scheme.


Conference paper for Historicizing Big Data, a Working Group Meeting of the Sciences of the Archive Project, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science.  Berlin, MPIWG, 31 October – 2 November 2013.



Opening Keynote Address, Nordic-Baltic Artists Residencies Network Meeting.  Convenors: Nordic Culture Point Mobility Programme.  Stockholm, Subtopia, 8-9 October 2013.


“Interdisciplinarity and Inclusion”

Conference paper for Social Learning and Knowledge Producing Processes in Museums.  Convenors: Danish Cultural Agency / Center for Kulturinstitutioner og driftstøtte, Kulturstyrelsen.  Copenhagen,  ARKEN Museum for Moderne Kunst, 13-14 May 2013.


“Natural History Museums as Scientific Repositories & Research Laboratories: Collections Management Case Studies from the 17th and the 21st Centuries”

Lecture seminar for Dinge in der Wissensgesellschaft: Zur Soziologie naturwissenschaftlicher Sammlungen.  Seminar Director: Dr Susanne Bauer.  Frankfurt, Goethe University, 30 January 2013.


“Making Split + Splice”

Lecture seminar for Voir/Savoir : manières de voir et représentations visuelles dans les sciences. Seminar Director: Dr Charlotte Bigg, Centre Alexandre-Koyré.  Paris, L’Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales, 24 January 2013.


“Science Lesson”

Conference paper for Artist as Employee: Artists Work in the Museum Conference.  Convenors: Dr Linda Sandino and Matilda Pye.  London, Victoria & Albert Museum, 12-13 October 2012.


Panel Chair, Scientific Instructions for Travellers III Conference.  Convenor: Professor Daniel Carey.  Berlin, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science/Andrew W Mellon Foundation, 21-22 September 2012.


‘Split + Splice: an experiment in scholarly methodology and exhibition making’

Chapter appearing in Analyzing Art and Aesthetics: Artefacts 9, Goodyear and Weitekamp, editors.  Washington: Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press, 2013.  Conference proceedings volume from Exhibiting Relationships Between Science and Technology, Artefacts 9, London, Science Museum 20-21 September 2009.


Participant, Texts and Transcription (Reconstructing Sloane Network Workshop).  Convenor: Dr Arnold Hunt.  London, British Library, 16 July 2012.


Panel Chair, Curiously Drawn: Origins of Science as a Visual Pursuit Conference. Convenors: Dr Sachiko Kusukawa, Dr Felicity Henderson, Dr Alexander Marr, Susannah Gibson.  London, The Royal Society, 21-22 June 2012.


Participant and Panel Chair, Between: Embodiment in Science Teaching Workshop  Convenor: Dr Richard Wingate.  London, King’s College London Inigo Rooms and King’s Learning Institute, 20 June 2012.


Participant, Sloane’s Artificial Rareties (Reconstructing Sloane Network Workshop).  Convenor: Dr Kim Sloan.  London, British Museum, 31 May 2012.


Participant, 2012 Robert H. Smith Renaissance Sculpture in Context Workshop, led by Professor Pamela H. Smith (Columbia University), V&A/RCA Postgraduate Programme in the History of Design.  London, Victoria & Albert Museum, 22 May 2012.


“Artists and their Doctors”

Lecture seminar for King’s College London Centre for Humanities and Health.  Seminar Director: Professor Ludmilla Jordanova.  London, KCL, 16 May 2012.


Participant: Origins of Science as a Visual Pursuit Orientation Workshop.  Convenor: Dr Sachiko Kusukawa (Principal Investigator).  Cambridge, University of Cambridge Department of History and Philosophy of Science, 13 April 2012.


“Natural History Museums as Scientific Repositories & Research Laboratories: Collections Management Case Studies from the 17th and the 21st Centuries”

Institute’s Colloquium, Berlin, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, 21 March 2012.


“Museum and/as Architecture”

Taught Seminar, Ideas and Institutions, Museum and Gallery Studies.  Course Leader: Dr Duncan Grewcock.  Kingston-upon-Thames, Kingston University, 25 October 2011.


“Navigating Interdisciplinarity”

Keynote Address at Wellcome Trust 75 Event, University of Dundee Life Sciences and Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art. Convenor: Sophia Hao.  Dundee, 6 October 2011.


‘Natural History, Global History’

Lecture for Providing Public History: Launch Event, Centre for the Historical Record.  Convenor: Dr Nicola Phillips.  Kingston-upon-Thames, Kingston University, 10 June 2011.


Participant, Re:Enlightenment Exchange Workshop.  Convenor: Professor Clifford Siskin, New York University.  London, British Museum, 13-15 July  2011.


Co-organiser, Science Voices: Scientists Speak About Science and Themselves Conference.  London, Royal Society,  13-14 May 2011. Conference and Podcast.


Allan Fleming: The Man Who Branded a Nation‘ in Eye: the international review of graphic design, issue 79, April 2011.  (please note: online version does not include images)


‘Museum as Material, Exhibition as Scholarly Publication’

Lecture seminar, Research Practices Seminar Series, School of Visual Art, Royal Danish Art Academy.  Convenors: Rector Mikkel Bogh and Dr Carsten Juhl.  Copenhagen, 1 April 2011.


Panel Chair, Scientific Instructions for Travellers II Conference.  Convenor: Professor Daniel Carey.  Cambridge, University of Cambridge Faculty of Classics/Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, 18-19 March 2011.


Participant, Speaker, Artists work in the Museum Workshop.  Convenors: Dr Linda Sandino and Matilda Pye.  London, Chelsea College of Art, 11 March 2011.


“The Centre for Arts and Humanities Research at the Natural History Museum: its development, potential and future”

Lecture.  Host: Dr Amy Meyers.  New Haven, Yale University Peabody Museum of Natural History and Yale Center for British Art, 16 February 2011.


‘Thinking Through Objects’

Chapter in conference proceedings volume The Exhibition as a Product and Generator of Scholarship: Susanne Lehmann-Brauns, Christian Sichau and Helmuth Trischler, editors.  Berlin: Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, 2010. Preprint 399.