Martha Fleming

Martha Fleming is a researcher and museum professional with a special interest in the intersections between history of collections, history of science and global histories.  She has extensive experience in the creation, management and practice of interdisciplinary and inter-institutional research projects between museums and the academy: she has held research, teaching and leadership roles in both collecting institutions and university contexts in the UK, Germany and Denmark.


Any Minute Now

2020/04/01/by Martha

Museum Godeffroy, Hamburg: The South Sea in the North Sea

2019/10/01/by Martha

Exhibition Histories in Science and Technology

2019/07/22/by Martha

Politics of Natural History

2019/03/31/by Martha

Research Fellow, University of Göttingen (2018)

2018/03/01/by Martha

Deputy Director: V&A Research Institute

2016/10/03/by Martha

Senior Research Associate, Assembling Alternative Futures for Heritage

2015/04/01/by Martha

‘Beyond Reception’: Nordic Culture Ministers Meeting, Stockholm

2014/10/30/by Martha

Collections-Based Research: University of Reading

2013/05/30/by Martha

Museums as Social Learning Spaces: Denmark

2013/05/13/by Martha

Artists Work in the (Science) Museum

2012/10/12/by Martha

Looking and Healing: Artists and their Doctors

2011/11/01/by Martha

Navigating Interdisciplinarity

2011/10/06/by Martha

Senior Research Associate: Reconstructing Sloane

2011/06/06/by Martha

Science Voices, Museum Lives

2011/05/12/by Martha

Natural History Museum: CAHR

2009/11/30/by Martha

Split + Splice

2009/06/11/by Martha

Thinking Through Objects

2008/11/27/by Martha

Materials Library

2007/10/01/by Martha

Visiting Professor, Faculty of Health, Copenhagen

2006/09/15/by Martha

Barbara Howard: Canadian Art

2006/06/15/by Martha

Image, Data and the Mathematical Sublime

2006/05/16/by Martha

Allan Fleming Project

2006/03/01/by Martha

Charles Darwin Trust

2005/12/02/by Martha

You are Here: The Design of Information

2005/02/15/by Martha

From Le Musée des Sciences to the Science Museum

2004/09/15/by Martha

NESTA Fellowship

2004/04/01/by Martha

Consultant: Science Museum

2003/11/01/by Martha

Consultant: Wellcome Trust

2003/05/01/by Martha

Development Manager, Royal Society

2001/01/15/by Martha

Dennis Rosen Memorial Trust

2000/09/01/by Martha

The Publishing Industry and The Book Trade

2000/08/15/by Martha

LMU School of Art Architecture and Design

1999/12/30/by Martha

Atomism & Animism

1999/05/25/by Martha

Letters and Figures: the book object and the human body

1998/09/25/by Martha

Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge

1997/09/15/by Martha

Spencer Landor

1997/04/15/by Martha


1997/01/10/by Martha

Camberwell College of Art MA in Book Arts

1996/09/15/by Martha

Open Book

1996/06/18/by Martha

Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford

1996/05/15/by Martha

Vermont College Distance-Learning MFA Program

1996/01/05/by Martha

Concordia University MFA Program, Montreal

1995/09/15/by Martha

The Spirit and The Letter and The Evil Eye

1994/05/01/by Martha

Introduction & Index

1994/02/14/by Martha

The Wilds and The Deep

1990/05/14/by Martha

Eat Me / Drink Me / Love Me

1989/12/08/by Martha

La Donna Delinquenta

1987/02/05/by Martha

Le Musée des Sciences

1984/02/15/by Martha

Projet Building / Caserne #14

1983/01/10/by Martha

Artforum, Vanguard, Fuse, Afterimage, Live, Body Politic

1979/09/15/by Martha

Art Metropole Video Distribution

1979/08/15/by Martha