Exhibition-making is meaning-making, whether one is working as a curator, a collections manager or as an artist. It is as exciting and complex an intellectual endeavour as is writing a book — and logistically far more complex. It requires a high degree of research skill, technical knowledge, conceptualisation and visualisation expertise, communications flair, financial dexterity, stamina, and a love of material culture, of collaborative work, and of the audience. I have curated innovative exhibitions for both museums and galleries in the fields of science, technology, medicine, design and the fine arts, as well as having created large-scale collaborative site specific projects and showing as an artist internationally.


Eat Me / Drink Me / Love Me

Eat Me / Drink Me / Love Me:  The New Museum (New York, with Lyne Lapointe, 1989)   Invited in 1987 by curator Bill Olander to create a work for The New Museum, we devised a project about
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Art Metropole Video Distribution

Distribution Manager, Artists’ Videotapes, Art Metropole, Toronto (1979 to 1981)   Under the direction of Peggy Gale, Art Metropole was one of the first organisations in the world to curate, archive and distribute artists’ videotapes. This was a
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