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This website presents the range of work I have effected as a museum professional, academic, and artist, giving a representative overview of my fields of interest, experience and expertise. It is by no means exhaustive, but it shouldn’t be exhausting either!  Each entry describes a single project, large or small – from one-off lectures to doctoral training programmes, and from exhibitions to research leadership.

The site is constructed in reverse chronological order, with my most recent projects appearing first, on the site’s landing page. You can explore it using the Activities menu, which groups my work by fields of interest and types of project. There is also a Taglist to guide you to specific people, places, subjects and institutions… and of course a Search box if you want to look even closer.

Because of the high degree of interdisciplinarity in my practice, there are many overlaps and connections between my projects, and thus a good many appear in more than one of the Activities categories.

For example, some of my ‘Publications’ are in scholarly journals, but I have also made bookworks as an artist. Some of my ‘Exhibitions’ have been created outside museums, and my work in ‘Museums’ includes strategic development as well as exhibitions.  ‘History of Science’ has been a consistent intellectual thread in my work from the site-specific installation Le Musée des Sciences (Montreal, 1984, with Lyne Lapointe) to my contributions to the work of the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (Berlin) beginning in 2006.

In the bottom half of this ‘About This Site’ page, you will find a Table of Contents and an Index. The Table of Contents is arranged by year, and from it you can get an at-a-glance sense of the arc of my career over time. The Index is essentially an easy-to-read alphabetical table displaying the site’s tags.

So this page gives you all the tools you need to explore the site – and with it much of my career – and find what is of interest to you. I will continue to add to the site in the form of both pages on new projects, and new commentary on projects already posted.

Along the way and throughout the site, I try to tell a bit of history as well.  This will be evident in the kinds of images you will find here, many of which were taken before photography was digital, and some of which are witness to their own time.  Every effort has been made to identify and credit image authors and I would welcome any accurate corrections to information you find here.

This site was built for me in WordPress by the wonderful and hardworking Chris Woods at U2R, with a nod to WPShower  Cookies are used on this site to give you the best experience: clicking any link on these pages indicates that you are giving your consent for the use of cookies.

A note about the ‘Icon’ for my site: it is a detail from an 18thc Rajastani Jain-culture atomist gouache,
entitled Separation of the Atoms from the Waters of Non-Entity reproduced in full above.
(Original in National Museum of India, Mookerjhee Collection, New Delhi)

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