About Martha Fleming

As you will see from exploring this website, I have worked in leadership, research, teaching and creative capacities; in museums, universities and scientific institutions; and inside disciplines ranging from biomedicine and astrophysics to the history of science and technology, as well as design and the fine arts. Over several decades in several countries, the three salient features of my career are:

collaboration and partnerships
interdisciplinary practices
institutional cross-pollinations

I thus have extensive experience in methodological crossover and the practical realities of interdisciplinarity: the challenges they present are, to my mind, the most important faced today by the advancement of knowledge. I believe that effective collaboration, both between individuals and between major institutions, is at the heart of meeting this challenge. We need more than ‘new knowledge’ now – we need to forge new methods.

In the projects I have effected, I have consistently worked to innovate in everything from process and practice to content and interpretation, from communication and dissemination to strategy and policy, in order to achieve that goal.


I was born in Canada and now live in the United Kingdom. I gained an MA from the University of London in the History of the Book, and my PhD, entitled From Le Musée des Sciences to the Science Museum: fifteen years of evolving methodologies in the art/science interface, from the School of Art, Architecture and Design of Leeds Metropolitan University.

I am a member of the UK Museums Association, the Museums and Galleries History Group, the History of Science Society and the British Society for the History of Science, and the International Association for Word & Image Studies.

A full CV, Academic Profile and Teaching Dossier are available on request.